Jumat, 08 Januari 2010

Hot pants women trend

Hot Pants

Once upon a time hot pants were considered more suited to a gymnasium than the streets. But then, in late 2007, the leotard came back into fashion. While it didn't peak on the streets until 2009, and was often worn under skirts, shorts or long furs, in the case of Kate Moss, its prevalence guaranteed that hot pants would indeed be worn by forward thinking fashionisers.

And so there it was on the Spring 2010 catwalks. And again in the front

row. Always on the confident personality. Always on a great figure.

Those two latter parts are key to this fashion trend. It is not for the faint of heart, nor those who aren't confident about their figure.

Two hot pant styles for 2010

One of the two styles for hot pants in 2010, mid-cut hot pants, start at or just below the

belly button. A modern interpretation of the look, it was far less common on the Spring 2010 catwalks though was the style favoured by Miuccia Prada for her Spring 2010 collection.

High-Waisted Hot Pants

As it was on the catwalks, so I suspect it shall be on the streets. To balance the fact that a negative hem line is going to reveal a lot of skin high waisted hot pants will be the strongest look for this trend in 2010.

For those who have enjoyed the vintage revival of recent years have, a vintage interpretation of hot pants is definitely on the cards. To achieve a vintage look invest in a good pair of high-waisted hot pants. When wearing them, look to the classic pin-up girl for inspiration. In particular, draw on the girly motifs that are evident in most pictures of vintage hot pants; nautical detailing is a prime example (just don't take it to the level of being a parody) though a fusion of hot pants and lingerie as outerwear is the most predominant for Spring 2010.

Tips for wearing hot pants in 2010

  • Look for a negative hemline: the hemline of your hot pants ought to curve up the outer thigh. Around the back it needs to at least follow the shape of your derriere. Some styles will curve up the thigh and the cheeks, revealing what we hope is a perfectly toned bum; we implore that such a cut be kept for the evenings
  • Wear hot pants only with heels, unless your name happens to be Gisele Bundchen, Natasha Poly, or you happen to be employed by Victoria's Secret for the job of 'Angel'. Heels will slim out your figure, and give shape to both your legs and derriere
  • On the same point, if you're wearing hot pants in a vintage style (see below for more on that) consider wearing mid-height t-bars for a cute yet sexy look
  • If you translate the look from Spring 2010 into the Autumn (Fall) / Winter season, or even wearing out hot pants on a cool Summer evening, consider wearing them over tights or stockings. Also consider bold patterned or coloured tights, to increase the impact of the look
  • In the same vein: hot pants in Spring 2010 are all about colours and patterns. Don't feel you have to wear them solely in black, that was a 2009 interpretation of the look. Also look for unique pieces courtesy of a different fabric; a fusion between hot pants and the leather fashion trend could work wonders, though we're also partial to a fusion with knits
  • Night time hot pants allow for a whole new level of detailing, such as sequins and studs (though these aren't precluded from day light hours)
  • Avoid the 'I forgot my pants' look that became the staple of stockings and leggings instead of pants in 2009; it's now all too common, and generally frowned upon. To do so, either choose a bold pattern (as suggested above) or accessorise. You might add a belt around your waist or hips to balance out your interpretation of the trend
  • In wearing hot pants you're showing a lot of skin, so consider pairing them other articles of clothing that tone them down. A loose cut top, such as a billowy blouse or a boyfriend blazer, might be the perfect match
  • Day time is the perfect time to fuse hot pants with the 2010 sports-wear fashion trend
  • Finally, akin to the bare midriff fashion trend I have to honestly caution you: you have to have the body for 2010's hot pants. With a negative-hemline, wearing them means showing off your bum. Fantastic if you've got a great bum, but prone to derision if you're don't.

Lady Gaga: all wrapped up in lace

This isn't the first time that Lady Gaga has grabbed our attention, whether its teaming up with hello kitty or looking electric, she knows how to conquer the camera.

In the January issue of 944 magazine she is wrapped up, practically mummified, in lace. The shoot also features the songstress with an amazing hat featuring feathers as well as pink hair, and we dare say it brings out her softer side. The issue entitled "Vanguard" implies that her fashion is at the fore of change, a topic of contention in our forums.

TOP 10 models of 2009

Abbey Lee Kershaw's cover for Numero #109

Last month we were blown away by Abbey Lee Kershaw's cover for Numero #109 where Daniel told you that it embodied what we'll be seeing from fashion in 2010. Now we've had a peek at the issue's main editorial titled Oiseau Rare and Abbey Lee really is quite the rare bird. A rare warrior, big shouldered & feathered (is there any other kind?) bird.

Abbey's bleached brows combined with the lighting chosen by photographer Miguel Reveriego act to accentuate her already amazing features. Other things which caught our eye is the amazing movement created by the flowing dresses, the intricately crafted feathered headware, and the negative hemlines of the hot pants. After all how could we fail to notice those legs, indeed a victory for the styling thanks to Patti Wilson.

In the end it wouldn't really feel like a real Abbey Lee Editorial if there wasn't a tiny touch of nudity, which makes the gallery below slightly not safe for work.